Part 2 of Do the “Write” thing and Violence in Chicago

Join us on Wednesday, May 9th, for our continued discussion on violence in our community!! 4:30 in the Little Theatre!


Do the ‘Write’ Thing!!

Join us next Wednesday, April 25th, for a discussion on violence in Chicago! To start the discussion, here is a paper written for Do the ‘Write” Thing Challenge that was about violence.

Violence: the use of physical force to injure somebody or damage something. Violence happens every day to people. Kids, adults, toddlers, babies, grandparents, everyone! Violence is a huge part in life, because so many people are affected by it. Of course, as one could see by the definition of violence, most people aren’t affected in it in a good way. So many innocent people are being hurt and abused, and there needs to be a stop in it.

Why would anyone want to hurt any innocent human being? I’m guessing you don’t have an answer, because society and the world haven’t even figured the answer out to that question. Violence is caused mostly by inconsiderate and even angered-issued peers and adults. There are millions of kids who are getting abused by their own family member, or anyone they’re close too. Adults and peers aren’t the only ones who are causing violence. There are also so many gangs and violent teenager groups that cause violence. As one would know, there are people getting shot on a daily basis with immature gang groups and any other teenager groups; including bullies. Bullies are another cause of violence; they tease, pick fights, and hurt the ‘dorky’ kids or any kid they don’t feel should get treated nicely.

Now that I covered the basis facts, let’s get the core facts straight. There are over a million kids who are getting abused by kids. It’s approximant that 1500 kids even die from peer violence. Just in Chicago, there are 34 kids killed every year from gangs or any other teenager group. The next fact is pretty knowledgeable; so many kids even suicide or get beat-up from bullies. There is over a million, for sure, over the whole world that are affected by this violence!

Luckily for me, I have never really experienced any hard-core violence in my life. I’m very blessed and lucky that I haven’t been in any violent situation that could really hurt me. This is one of the reasons why I want to help youth violence. I want people to have what I have: NO violence in their life. I want people to be grateful that they don’t have any violence in their life, and not have to worry about violence. Kids should be able to know that life is safe, not dangerous.

There are tons of ways we can help this violence, and hopefully make it go away. We can create programs for any kid to go too, to help with the violence they’re dealing with. We can create groups at school, for the school counselor’s to help with the kids who are being affected by violence. Even just talking about the violence and helping them through it, and getting them out of it. We should have programs to relieve these kids, to get them out of any violent situation, so they can feel safe. Another thing we can do is just to hire more police officers! That will also benefit in jobs, too. It will mainly though, keep the violence away from the world and kids.

In conclusion, violence is a HUGE situation in life, and it needs to be fixed. We need to take a step in the world and help with a big issue that is going on. I’m pretty sure everyone wants to help out innocent kids. No one wants to be stuck in a violent situation, and it’s our job to prevent that from happening to anyone.

Ellie 2012

Welcome to Staying in the Loop!!

Hey, and welcome to Staying in the Loop: Chicago Pride the South Loop Way blog. What’s been happening in our communities? How do we feel about current events locally or nationwide?  This is a forum for us to discuss what is happening within our communities.  It is an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and understand one another.  So, check out what’s going on and how we feel!! We look forward to open, honest and REAL discussions with each other and the parents at South Loop Elementary.

~Malakye 2012